Tools for Success

Software Tools to avoid CMS financial penalties

Hospitals can collaborate with our dashboards to give health providers additional information regarding practice patterns for services that may pose undue risks to patients, and to inform health providers about proactive patterns that are outliers or that are outside recommended standards of care.

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SafeCareSoft® Hospital Quality Dashboards

EMR-based solutions to avoid negligent privileging, manage readmissions, target complications, decrease infections, and improve efficiency.


§  Getting to "no" Infections of Care and better Efficiency of Care 

§  Striving for “no” avoidable Unplanned Visits of Care

§  Saying "no" to poor Outcomes of Care and better Safety of Care

Total Hospital Quality Management

Hospital-wide dashboards for monitoring and managing Outcomes of Care, Safety of Care, Infections of Care, Unplanned Visits of Care, and Efficiency of Care. 

§  Hospital-wide Quality Management software


SafeCare AI® Intelligent Healthcare™

Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms that predict patient outcomes and provide clinical decision support by emulation of intelligence using machine learning, deep learning and artificial neural networks. Our AI platforms offers predictive insights to aid proactive real-time decision support and target opportunities of care in the following areas:

§  Reducing redundant care

§  Cutting avoidable readmissions

§  Predicting sepsis progression

§  Reducing inpatient mortality 

§  Preventing hospital acquired infections

§  Improving medication safety

§  Reducing hospital charges

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